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C-120 parts
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New Old Guy from Ohio
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'90 520-8 Purrs
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wheel horse collector plus
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New guy from central Ill
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New Guy from Ohio...
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New Guy
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Mower Deck Pulleys
Last post by gsleezer in General Conversations on 07/22/2013 09:16 pm
Manual Clevis Hitch Lift Assembly
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Need help with replacement pulley for snowblower

New Old Guy from Ohio

'90 520-8 Purrs

wheel horse collector plus

New guy from central Ill

New Guy from Ohio...

New Guy

Mower Deck Pulleys

Manual Clevis Hitch Lift Assembly

New guy from VT

for sale 1978 wheel horse c141 auto tractor

New in New York

My first wheelhorse 1967 1277

New from northeast Ohio

Help to identify wheel horse

New girl from Texas

GT 2500 restoration

hydrostatic brakes

B-100 8 speed clutch assembly

Newish member

Winter Wheel Horse Fun.

Greeting ppl

Ark 500 hydraulic fluid

414-8 Part 3



Howdy from a newbee

What a Forum

1981 GT 2500 carb

Say it with Krylon!

Belt guard for 1077

Newbe from IN.


P220G Locked up

Youth Pastor in Greenwood

Old Guy from Indy

New guy in Illinois

B100/200 Automatic - Deck Belt & Starter/Generator?

new guy in Missouri with a GT 2500

New member from South Wales UK and Commando 8

Charger Electro 12 1978ish Gift from Cecil Pond

07-30TL01 30" Tiller OM=810235R1

New Member in New York

C 161 Automatic mower deck

New Michigander with a Vintage 953.

New Member From Ohio

WH 1987 312-8

just finished up the big d and loader

My C-125

'Ow do from England.

New Member in Virginia

Lawn Ranger lower hood attachment

Removing Pivot brake lever

Father son team and a hot rodded Lawn ranger

Need know if GT-14 48" deck fit a Raider 10 1970

New member in OK

tecumseh hh100 camshaft

Hibernating in Canada

New Member in Little Rock Arkansas

New Guy with a 657



Myrtle Beach SC

1984 gt1100 carb. help


Belt route for 854

854 ignition switch

854 ignition switch

new owner of a 552

WH owner since '82 best choice for yard work i ever made

1988 312-8 mowing deck

Wheel horse comando v7

Wheel Horse GT-1642 Transmission

2 finds

Friction Adjustment Collar

Friction Adjustment Collar


wheel horse 211-4

54' WalkAway

Posting Pictures

520 HC tachometer


deck compatability

My recent purchase 1976 C-160 Auto 16HP needs lots of love

Hello From Florida

My 702

My 401

Hello From Pickens Sc

Loose Shifter

From Ohio

Hello From Central Illinois

Link to Uk wheelhorse pics

Raider 10 - Before and After

New Member for the UK - My tractors

New Member for the UK

new Mmeber Old Wheel Horses

what do i have?

3315-391 520H operators manual

New to WH from Central NC

Wheelhorse C-100 Deck question

C 161 Eight Speed

'69 Electro 12


New bie

Can anyone tell me the year/model of this WH?

C-120 parts

New to WheelHorse

d 160 before and after blade to bucket upgrade

electric wheel horse

mowing deck

1983 GT1642 Mower deck belt size

14 year old newbie

1974 B100 Automatic

C-195 with blower ?

Wheelhorse 518H with Onan - coil wiring question

Glad to be part of it all.

New Guy To The Site.

belt sizes or part numbers for C-141

no spark on my C165


hello, from so. md.

1995 267H has issues every winter with starting

414-8 wiring to solenoid?

What year is my C-120?


Trade blade off 854 for a blade for C120

Wheel Horse Tractor seat?

854 and C-120

electro 12

ebay Starter Solenoid suitable for 1978 Wheel Horse C101?

My name is Paul, I live in London in the UK

Need help . rj59-59

Hello fom North East Tennessee

wiring ammeter on 63 1054

New 520H Owner

D-200 Steering setup help

Can an RM-327 deck be used on a 654 tractor?


sickle bar for sale.

wheel horse L-156

New to this site.

Test switch function?

Longtime WH owner New to Forum


I'm a believer


Brand New


My 854 and C-105

Wheel horse C125

K341S Kolher engine Color

Renault R800 Engine Owners Manual (for 1981 : D-250)

My first WH, I'm hooked

My Trio Waiting for Restoration

New from Indiana

1984 Mower Deck OM 810345R1

1984 sales brochure...with original bill of sale for a C-125

Tractor_1986_200-300-400_series owners manual

My 85 417-A

My 1984 C-125 8

New Wheel Horseaholic

Snow Blower 42" 06-42ST04..

New guy with a 633

1962 702

1960 Suburban 550

1986 312-A

Good morning new member

New to the horse family.

1973 Auto 18 Owners Manual

New to Wheel Horse

new member

Is this a 1960 or 61 wheelhorse

new member to mwh

Wheel Horse 1964 model 1045 OM

Mower Rotary 1980-83 IPL 810172R1

Mower Rotary 1980-84 OM 810306R1

1979 B, C and D-Series OM

Ziggy - David

Operators Manual LT-GT Series

New Member

My pair of Horses and the odd ball!!

New here......

new member

210-4 tractor

Newbie here


what a great site

new member

New to site


Just Plain Wrong!

Help identify this tractor

GT 1100


Snow Cab - Model P650CC01

whats up

How do I scan documents?

new member here with a RJ-58

Hi i'm Gary. Just got a C-160 :)

Website Changes Notification

Grasscatcher 8-6612 A 5357

Cultivator PM 7-1711 105

Mower REO Skiff OM 2-1131 2-1230 A-5505

K341 rectifier/regulator

Tractor 1973 Commando 800 & 8-4 spd PM 5347

Tractor 1973 10-12-14-16-Auto PM 5345

Tractor 1968 Workhorse 700 OM 1-3745 508-509

Tractor Charger 12 OM 1-7231 361

Tractor 1967 Raider 9 OM 1-6931 359

Tractor 1967 Commando 8 OM 1-4831 316-A

Tractor 1975 PM C100 120 160 8spd 803983

Tractor 1967 Raider 12 OM1-6231 357

Lawn Ranger OM 1-2631 317-A

Lawn Ranger 1969-73 PM

Just Joined

New to

Oklahoma Wheel Horse member

Owners manual 10 12 14 16 Auto A5325

953 owner

my 1960 suburban 400

Ber-Vac 1978 W0238 38in 2-stage snowthrower

1978 MANUAL for C-SERIES SNOW CAB Model # 87-03CB01

1979 SNOW CAB For SERIES MODEL # 97-04CB01

PT-7 Power Take Off

Another New Member!

New Member

Auxiliary Fuel Tank - 8-3300


Clevis Hitch (For Classic GT) Model #85518 3322-959

Wheel Horse Clevis "Type A" Hitch 810834 Rev B

2005 Classic GT

2 Newest additions

1960 Suburban 400 Project

Hi Everybody

Which carb?

1968 Charger 9 (1-7931) Owners Manual and Parts list

Magnum 8 12 16 hp owners manual

Models 604 654 704

Completed - 502 552 702


1961 Wheel Horse 401, 551, and 701 Manual Part 3

1961 Wheel Horse 401, 551, and 701 Manual Part 2

1961 Wheel Horse 401, 551, and 701 Manual

BuckRancher (Brian) Manuals


Anyone going to Steam-O-Rama?

generator attachment

2010 calender

Form No. 3353–257

2005 300 Classic GT Manuals

Welcome to My Wheel Horse dot Com

How do I upload a document?

Newest Addition - The RJ Needed Comapny

I can dig it

Recognize these?

My Newest!

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